Sunday, March 29, 2015

Unrepenting Prayer

Man, discord and dismayed, reproaches the silent and saddled Lord:
O Lord! I scold not thou but I seek thy sanctions!
Why accurse me with one ear and two tongues? Preaching not what I campaigned; judging what I knew not; practicing not what I vowed?
O Lord!
Why bestow upon me bliss-less passions and passionless blisses? Devoured into a bottomless perdition? Alter my friends into foes?
O Lord!
Abandon not my cries; neglect not my prayers; pluck me out of bleak blackness into brilliant blooms.
O Lord!
Have thou not guided Dante with Virgil? Siddhartha with Buddha? Rumi with Tabrizi?
O Lord!
Guide my soul out of swerving stances into splendid shines.
O Lord!
I only sought to justify the ways of You to men and manifest thy glory. 
O Lord!
Let not my Self be the Serpent to Adam; Judas to Jesus; Proteus to Julius.
O Lord!
I slumber soulless under sunless skies with no senators or saints,

The Lord, gazing upon the wretched Man, musing: 
Oh how Satan like; how Prometheus like. How rebellious; how oblivious.
You seek earths where I don’t rain, and I reign supreme.
You shall confine yourself like Jonah in the confines of the Whale.
Disobedient to my commands and uninspired by my scriptures.
You shall dwell under rayless suns and dwindle into lightless celestials.
Man, be genius or cowered, defines himself. The knowing genius manifests his own glory; he thus merits the unmerited, and demerits the merited. My glory shan’t be reveled by labors of the knowing cowered, and he shall only reincarnate other Men, but not me.
Deliver your work and I shall love you. 
Propel the dogmas and I shall love you. 
Speak for the weak and I shall love you. 
Deny Man not for his sect and I shall love you.

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