Friday, March 13, 2015

The S Saga

The 'S' Syndrome: 


Several statements are stained with Ss; 

Strangely, S soils serenity & sanity. 

Suppose I sinisterly stipulate this:

Structure S striped sentences,

Synthesizing such stories is sly, 

Seclude Sh supplements (e.g: Shall)

Speak as such, and I salute you.
The Star of Satan:

We stared,

You swayed my sensation to your servitude.

We spoke,

You are a soother; a seducer; a serpent.

We sung,

You savagely slew my sacred songs,

We swerved,

You sorcerously sedated my sanctities,

We squabbled,

You selfishly scolded my staggered soul.

We staled,

You scathed my stout-self into strains.

The Sightless Sentiment: 

The sentiment that sentences me is surreal.

It summons severe and seething sequels,

Soaring sorrows and swarming sadness, 

Such sentiment is of a swindling sort; 

Solomon’s scriptures and silvers shan’t save me,


I strive to sustain my sentiment; it’s splendid.

The sentiment, seals me into a sanctorum, 

It surrounds me with no sects or sights,

There, I slumber sighless under starless skies,

My spirit is stray and skeleton is slayed. 


I steepen my sentiment; it’s sensuous and sensual.

Is it sane to stay sincere to my sentiment?

My sole salvation is in the salvaged,

Surely, such statement signifies senselessness,


My sentiment spurs in me all songs of serenity.

The Strenuous Success 

The Splendor and Splendidness of Success are not Sought in the Seas
of Safe and Stable; they're Seductive but Sedative.
Spirits that Seek Success Stray in Serendipitous States and
Strenuous Strives. They Separate Souls from being Secretaries or
Study Socrates, Shakespeare, or Sartre; do you suppose they
Structured their Scriptures in Serenity?
They were Scorched in Solace, and Secluded in Sanctuaries.
These Statuses are Stationary and Scare, but Surely they Steer Souls into Success.

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